Integrations and Productions Solutions

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    It's time for Tempo.

    Corus Tempo is a full-service marketing and creative team dedicated to delivering custom integrated marketing solutions for your brands.

    An insights-first approach, we build strategic brand solutions that range from short and long form branded content to sponsorships, talent endorsements, as well as integrations into our original slate of programming. All with a single goal – to spark growth for your business by unlocking the power of our audiences.

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    Let us create results.

    Corus Creative Services is an award winning team of Writers, Directors, Voice-Over Artists, Editors, Graphic Artists, Audio and Camera technicians and Producers. Our experienced team of professionals will take your story to the next level, with full service, results generating creative for all media platforms.

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    Your full-service social digital agency.

    so.da is a full-service social digital agency in the heart of a giant media company. We’re small enough to give you the attention of a boutique agency. But we’re also big – with deep resources of Corus’ producers, studios, strategists, creative minds, data analysts, TV stars, creators and influencers to drive explosive reach and engagement for your brand.

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    Meet the most passionate content creators.

    Kin Community Canada is an industry-leading team that specializes in influencer marketing and social media strategy with our exclusive network of video-first lifestyle creators. We help brands reach their business goals by using creative content and analytical insights to authentically deliver their message to our creator’s targeted, highly-engaged audiences. By sharing powerful and inspiring stories, our high-quality programming, focused on all things food, streetwear and parenting, generates 25 million Canadian monthly views.

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