Attracting great people and fostering exceptional talent is fundamental to our success – we are committed to creating a workplace where people can thrive and develop their expertise and talents. Corus’ approach to people is grounded in our core value Show We Care and is guided by the first pillar of our strategic plan: Create a Great Place to Work. Our workforce is comprised of unionized and non-unionized employees, the majority of whom work as full-time employees.


  • Well-being

    The Corus well-being program empowers and supports Corus employees at work, at home and in their communities.

    The program is refreshed annually, informed by employees’ benefits data and industry trends and in consultation with our benefits providers. Together with guidance from an interdisciplinary steering committee responsible for providing subject matter expertise and direction, our approach helps ensure Corus’ year-round program of mental and emotional, physical and financial educational sessions and content are relevant, meaningful and impactful for our people and their families.

Employee supports

Our comprehensive well-being and benefits program provide a wide range of tools and policies that support employees and their families. A few examples of the basics include:

  • The Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) supports employees and their families in many areas of well-being including mental health and physical health resources and referrals. This plan is extended to all employees, including those who are not eligible for coverage under the Corus benefits plan.
  • In addition to legislated leave including parental and family care leave, we also provide bereavement leave, Indigenous practice leave, religious holidays leave, sick leave, personal leave and leave for victims of family violence.
  • Company options for long-term and short-term leave for education, family or personal reasons.
  • Office designs that provide access to safe and useful spaces for employees from nursing rooms and nap rooms to all-gender washrooms and prayer/well-being rooms.
  • Webinars and events to educate employees on emotional, mental and physical health and well-being.
  • A digital fitness app that helps employees stay active.
  • Comprehensive benefit packages for eligible employees. Some features include:
    • Mental health counselling with no annual maximum for those covered by the Corus benefit plan.
    • A life insurance and disability program.
    • Flexible spending account for those employees on term contracts.
  • The last week of every month is a Limited Meetings Week. This provides space for topics that need more time, allowing for brainstorming, thinking beyond, as well as providing periods without interruption to catch up, get organized and refocus. Our No-Meeting Friday Afternoons encourages, where possible, that no meetings are scheduled. During the summer months, we also allow for shifting weekly work schedules to make up hours to reduce hours on Fridays

The Future of Work

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we reimagined the future of work at Corus, building on our existing Flexible Work Arrangements. Where the type of work allows, we provide personalized and flexible work arrangements, including remote options that have enhanced many employees’ lives and responded to the breadth of needs for new and existing employees. In recognition of the diverse personal and family arrangements and needs, we are pleased to also provide employees who are able to work remotely with the option to work abroad for up to two months per year.


Corus Star

Corus Star

Corus Star, our everyday recognition program, allows peers and leaders to recognize teams and team members doing great work and demonstrating our values.

Corus Awards

Corus Awards

Corus Awards are annual awards presented by the CEO and given to employees and teams who are outstanding examples of the values and creativity that define our award-winning Corus culture.

Training and Education

Corus is committed to helping our people pursue ongoing growth and professional development, supporting them in reaching their goals and building skills needed to make new contributions. We offer a range of learning and career-building opportunities to support engagement and advancement for employees at every level of our business.

Corus U

Corus U

Corus U is a dedicated employee education hub where team members from across the organization can broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding of our business. It includes over 200 courses and supports specialized learning paths for current and aspiring leaders, based on the strategic training needs of our company.

Corus Café

Corus Café

Corus Café is a company-wide connection platform that helps foster employee networking by connecting employees, inviting them to meet for a virtual conversation, find mentorship opportunities or share information about different areas of the company

Sustainability Report

Learn more about Corus’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities.