• Win Together
    Win Together
    • Be approachable and actively help others succeed.
    • Openly share information, offer ideas, debate options.
    • Celebrate great results, appreciate each other.
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    Think Beyond
    • Challenge assumptions, imagine what’s possible.
    • Invent opportunities, create new solutions.
    • Boldly set big goals and take smart risks.
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    Make it Happen
    • Focus on priorities, take ownership to deliver.
    • Find ways to simplify and remove barriers.
    • Be energetic, positive and persistent.
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    Learn Every Day
    • Be curious and look broadly for answers.
    • Try new things and learn from mistakes.
    • Be flexible, embrace change as a way to grow.
  • Show We Care
    Show We Care
    • Support each other’s personal well-being.
    • Deeply understand and serve our audiences.
    • Make a positive difference in our communities.
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