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    Corus is conscious of its environmental impact within its communities across Canada. At all Corus offices, local champions oversee environmental initiatives that support sustainability within their respective offices. One of those initiatives is by going digital! Many internal processes at Corus have migrated to online platforms, which saves on paper output and waste.

    Informal employee-led green initiatives include:

Corus Quay

  • Corus Quay building

    In 2010, Corus Quay initiated the revitalization of Toronto’s East Bayfront area, bringing life, energy and business opportunities to Toronto’s waterfront. As the anchor development for the East Bayfront district, Corus Quay’s strategic design created a collaborative and innovative work environment, as well as an environmentally responsible facility.

Corus Quay at a Glance


Capture rate

The weight of recycled materials against the weight of all waste.


Trees saved

Through effective waste and recycling practices in 2020.


Litres of water saved

Through efficient plumbing and greywater recycling in 2021.


kwh of energy saved

During 2020 through smart light technology and natural light window placements.


Liters of oil saved

Throughout 2021.


Diversion rate

Amount of waste diverted from the landfill for recycling.

Our commitment to green initiatives

Corus Quay building lobby

Five-Storey Bio-Wall

Our head office, with a LEED ® Gold Certification, has reduced power and water consumption, energy efficient lighting and a five-storey bio-wall for air filtration.

Terrace view of the lake and many sailing boats

Green Roof

Corus Quay features green rooftops to create usable outdoor space for Corus employees and to reduce heat-island effect.

Couple of patio chairs in different colors

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Corus Quay uses Fifth Light Technology to sense the level of natural light of a room to adjust the lighting required. The design of the building is intended to use the most amount of natural light possible.

Rain water

Rainwater Collection

Corus Quay uses a grey-water system, which collects rainwater on a green rooftop to store in the basement cistern and repurpose for the flushing system of the building’s washrooms.

  • Hemlock walls

    Did you know?

    35% of all materials associated with the construction and interiors of Corus Quay came from within 800 km of the building location, including the hemlock lining the walls of the Atrium from a 1910 ferry terminal Wharf in Toronto Harbour.

Sustainability Report

Learn more about Corus’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities.