In 2018, we continue to transform our company, with a clear-eyed focus on optimizing our core business offerings and operations, and positioning Corus for the future.

During the year, we maintain our position as Canada’s largest pure play media and content company. Moreover, we continue to execute across our three strategic priorities—own and control more content; engage our audiences; expand into new and adjacent markets— with discipline and focus.

We expand our presence in social media, opening the doors to so.da, our new social digital advertising agency, which leverages our deep social expertise to support advertisers with social strategies and content development.

Additionally, we work to maximize our audiences, taking concrete steps to better monetize them by making targeted investments to enhance our suite of advanced advertising and data analytics capabilities. For example, our innovation in audience-based buying continues, with Cynch, our easy-to-use audience-segment buying interface for advertisers, moving into a new phase of beta-testing, with a full-scale launch expected in the coming year.

In June, we revise our capital allocation policy, striking the right balance between paying down debt, funding our dividend and investing in the future. This move will increase our financial flexibility in the years to come as we continue to evolve our business and execute our plan.

Amid an evolving media marketplace, and two years after acquiring Shaw Media, our strategic framework and talented teams continue to advance Corus’ position as Canada’s largest pure play media and content company, one that is ready to compete and win over the long term.

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2017 marks our first full fiscal year as a larger, combined organization.

We advance our strategic priorities, and strengthen our competitive share position across Conventional TV, Specialty TV, and News and Radio, as we benefit from our new scale and scope. In fact, we have the largest share of viewing in English-Canadian commercial television for the 2016/2017 broadcast year.1

Bolstered by our new cross-promotional heft, Global—reaches more than 16 million viewers every week2—its strongest year in over a decade.3 What’s more, Global increases its presence in the top 20 prime-time shows year over year in fall, spring and summer.4

With a decisive focus and smart programming in our Kids, Drama, and Lifestyle verticals, Corus owns the #1 Entertainment Specialty station in each of our Adults, Women, and Kids demographics.5 We lead the rankers with more entertainment stations in the top 20 than any other broadcaster,5 and reach more women in large households than any other media company5in Canada—a coveted demographic with advertisers.

Also of note, we reframe our corporate values to define our new culture, reflecting both the company we are today and the one we aspire to become.

icon_pdf Significant Events Fiscal 2017


In 2016, we continue our multi-year journey to transform Corus into an industry-leading, integrated media and content company.

Considerable progress against the strategic priorities are put into motion, the most notable being our transformational $2.65 billion acquisition of Shaw Media Inc. on April 1, 2016.

The deal more than doubles our size, adding 19 specialty channels and 12 Global conventional stations across the country to our portfolio, as well as the scale, brands and talent to win both domestically and abroad.

We are now home to a portfolio of multimedia brands, including 45 specialty television services, 39 radio stations, 15 conventional television stations, a global content business and a growing roster of digital assets.

icon_pdf Significant Events Fiscal 2016


Our unique position as an integrated broadcaster, producer and distributor of content – what we call the Corus Advantage – positioned us well in 2015 to extend our capabilities into new segments of content creation in order to drive growth. Owning and controlling more content remained a cornerstone of our plan and led to transformational long-term deals with powerhouse media giants and increased international expansion of our own slate of original programming.

icon_pdf Significant Events Fiscal 2015


In 2014, Corus sees immediate benefits as it seamlessly integrates its new television and radio assets into its broadcast operations. At the same time, the company continues to invest in complementary businesses that give Corus access to new areas of growth and capitalize on emerging markets.

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2013 is a pivotal year for the company as it expands into the Quebec specialty television market and achieves its long standing goal to acquire radio stations in the nation’s capital.

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Supporting and enriching the communities that the company serves is an integral part of Corus Entertainment. The company has a long history of corporate social responsibility that encompasses employees, the community, the environment and the industry.

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Corus believes that its employees are the cornerstone of the company. Creating a work environment that embodies the company’s core values, fosters a collaborative and inclusive culture and encourages a passion for learning, fuels personal, professional and corporate growth.

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2010 ushers in the beginning of a new era for Corus as it opens its doors to Corus Quay, the company’s state-of-the-art production, broadcast and distribution facility located on Toronto’s waterfront. With its launch, Corus Quay is hailed as a model for broadcast and content operations around the world.

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As the company reaches its 10th anniversary, Corus cements its position as a growing force in the Canadian media industry with new services and greater access to its content on multiple platforms.

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2008 is another year of firsts for Corus as the company expands with the launch of three new channels.

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Partnerships are a key strategic focus for the company, which has gained a strong reputation as a trusted partner of choice in Canadian and international markets.

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2006 is another outstanding year for Corus as the company achieves record-high revenues and segment profit. To enhance its position in the kids’ space, Corus acquires an additional stake in TELETOON, increasing its ownership in the popular animation channel to 50%.

icon_pdf Significant Events Fiscal 2006


In 2005, Corus is a market leader in television and radio. The numbers speak for themselves. W Network is Canada’s #1 specialty channel for women. YTV and Treehouse are both #1 with their kids and preschool audiences. Home to toprated stations in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto, Corus’ growing network of radio stations leads the market and is #1 in Canada for audience reach and tune-in.

icon_pdf Significant Events Fiscal 2005


Corus reaches a milestone as it celebrates its fifth anniversary. With a rapidly growing asset base, the company is now a major player in the Canadian broadcasting arena, as well as a world class content creator and rights holder in the international kids and family marketplace.

icon_pdf Significant Events Fiscal 2004


Corus continues to expand its footprint internationally with the sale of Nelvana’s kids content in more than 160 countries and 50 languages around the world.

icon_pdf Significant Events Fiscal 2003


Fuelled by strategic acquisitions and a strong operating discipline, Corus emerges as a leading vertically integrated entertainment company with an impressive collection of radio, television and content offerings.

icon_pdf Significant Events Fiscal 2002


Just two years into its existence, Corus is heralded as a vibrant new presence on the media landscape. The move into content, with the acquisition of Nelvana, not only provides programming for Corus’ own kids services, it also creates a gateway for the company’s expansion into international markets.

icon_pdf Significant Events Fiscal 2001


The first 12 months are a period of transformational growth. Through a series of strategic acquisitions, Corus adds over $1 billion in market capital to the company in its first year alone.

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