Key Takeaways and Highlights

Key Takeaways and Highlights

DEI Education has launched Corus-wide
We have officially rolled out all DEI fundamentals and anti-racism education modules across Corus, and endeavour to have everyone at the company complete them by the end of the summer.

Feedback has been very positive so far, with 99% agreeing that they would recommend the training to a colleague or friend.

Thank you to everyone who has participated, and for the thoughtful engagement in the sessions. I encourage you to continue talking about these concepts going forward in your teams.

Creative Diversity Project
The first phase of this project, mapping out our current state, is now completed. As you may recall, this project will help Corus Content teams hone our creative diversity plan, layering in industry best practices to ensure that our on-air diversity reflects the diversity of our audiences.

The second phase of the project, conducting working group sessions, is underway. Through these sessions we are working with each business area to determine the desired future state and create action plans.

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) continue to thrive and grow
Our ERGs are thriving.

This past quarter, BOLD hosted a series of successful events for Black History Month.  CREATE hosted an event in celebration of Lunar New Year, the year of the Tiger. On March 8, our three current ERGs came together to host an International Women’s Day event for a discussion on Imposter Syndrome. And on March 31, the Transgender Day of Visibility, Out@Corus hosted an event called “Trans Allyship 101”, which explored everything from pronoun usage to allyship.

In this quarter, we will see the launch of two new ERGs. ALL ACCESS will focus on accessibility and people with disabilities.  HOLA will focus on LatinX/Hispanic communities. As is our practice, there will be Executive Leadership Team sponsors for each group. For the former, Jenn Lee, EVP General Counsel, and for the latter Cheryl Fullerton, EVP, People and Communications. We are also in discussions across the company to form an ERG focused on women and gender.

Congratulations to our ERGs and the ones to come: they are a critical part of creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion for all people at Corus.

corus.Futures is the new name for Corus scholarship and internship programs. These programs are established to provide support opportunities for students from underrepresented communities and to build the next generation of industry creators and leaders.

On March 29th, two new programs were announced. Both opportunities include a financial contribution for students in their final year of studies, a paid internship, and a career mentorship.

Our intent is to have this program become a real and direct way that today’s students become tomorrow’s media professionals.

Please see the chart below for the full update on our Action Plan: