Corus Entertainment Applauds Production Partners On 76 Canadian Screen Awards Nominations

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February 7, 2019


Global’s Critically-Acclaimed Series Mary Kills People Earns Nine Nominations and Private Eyes Earns Three Including Best Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series

YTV, Treehouse, and Teletoon Garner 27 Nominations for Outstanding Live-Action and Animated Kids Content

Nelvana Secures 13 Nominations for its Productions, Including Best Animated Program or Series for Hotel Transylvania: The Series

HISTORY, Showcase, Food Network Canada, and HGTV Canada Usher 26 Nominations Across Key Categories with Eight Nominations for HISTORY’s Crown Jewel, Vikings 

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TORONTO, February 7, 2019 Corus Entertainment commends its production partners and celebrates its outstanding Canadian programming with this year’s Canadian Screen Awards nominations. Announced today by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, Corus-owned productions earned 76 nominations across all key categories, reinforcing Corus’ stronghold on all content genres and the quality of original programming it creates and delivers to Canadians.

“On behalf of Corus, I am so proud to congratulate our brilliant production partners on today’s nominations for the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards,” said Lisa Godfrey, Vice President of Original Content, Corus Entertainment. “With nominations across all categories, we are honoured to work amongst such an esteemed group of creators whose visions weave together the very fabric of original Canadian content that we deliver Canadians each and every day.”

Corus Entertainment’s conventional network Global garnered 20 nominations, with critically-acclaimed drama Mary Kills People leading the charge with nine nominations including Best Lead Actress, Drama Series. Private Eyes’ received Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, and Best Supporting or Guest Actor in a Comedy series. Fan-favourite reality series Big Brother Canada received four nominations, including Best Reality/Competition Series, ahead of its Season 7 premiere on March 6. ET Canada and Global News were jointly acknowledged for Best Live Entertainment Special for Harry and Meghan The Royal Wedding. Global News also earned nominations for Best National News Anchor, Dawna Friesen, and Best National Newscast, Global National.

Corus’ roster of specialty channels earned 47 total nominations with its popular Kids portfolio earning a combined total of 27 nominations. Nelvana-produced content earned 13 of the total kids nominations including Hotel Transylvania: The Series for Best Animated Program or Series and Ranger Rob for Best Pre-School Program or Series. Nelvana directors Robin Budd and Jason Groh both received nominations for Best Direction, Animation for Hotel Transylvania: The Series and Wishfart respectively.

Vikings continues to reign with eight nominations including Best Drama Series and two nominations for Best Direction for a Drama Series, while HISTORY’s 100 Days to Victory was recognized for Best History Documentary Program or Series and Best Direction Documentary Program.

Corus’ Lifestyle portfolio leads the Best Lifestyle Program or Series category with three of the five nominations, including Carnival Eats (Food Network Canada), Property Brothers (HGTV Canada), and Corus Studios’ Home to Win (HGTV Canada). The Scott Brothers see double with a Best Host in a Program or Series nomination for Property Brothers and Best Direction, Lifestyle or Information, for Property Brothers: Buying and Selling, joining Holmes and Holmes in the same category. Food Network Canada’s Carnival Eats receives further recognition with nominations for Best Direction and Best Photography, while Top Chef Canada picks up nods in the Reality/Competition category with Best Direction, Best Photography, and Best Picture Editing.

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The 2019 Canadian Screen Award nominations for Corus Entertainment’s programming include:

GLOBAL (20 nominations)

Mary Kills People

  • Best Lead Actress, Drama Series (Cameron Pictures – Caroline Dhavernas)
  • Best Guest Performance, Drama Series – The Means (Cameron Pictures – Karen Robinson)
  • Best Supporting Actor, Drama (Cameron Pictures – Salvatore Antonio)
  • Best Direction, Drama Series – Ride or Die (Cameron Pictures – Norma Bailey)
  • Best Writing, Drama Series – Come to Jesus (Cameron Pictures – Tassie Cameron, Lara Azzopardi, Marsha Greene)
  • Best Writing, Drama Series – The Means (Cameron Pictures – Tara Armstrong)
  • Best Achievement in Casting (Cameron Pictures – Sharon Forrest, Susan Forrest)
  • Best Photography, Drama – Ride or Die (Cameron Pictures – Gavin Smith)
  • Best Picture Editing, Drama – Fatal Flaw (Cameron Pictures – Duncan Christie)

Big Brother Canada

  • Best Reality Series/Competition Program or Series (Insight Productions Ltd. – John Brunton, Erin Brock, Eric Abboud, Trevor Boris, Amy Regan, Liam Colle, Chris Carter, Chris Chilco )
  • Best Writing, Lifestyle or Reality/Competition – Finale (Insight Productions Ltd. – Trevor Hammond)
  • Best Picture Editing, Reality/Competition – Finale (Insight Productions Ltd. – Jonathan Dowler, Baun Mah, Ryan Monteith, Mike Scott, Jordan Wood, Andrew Gurney, Al Manson, Seth Poulin, Michael Tersigni, Kailey Birk, Chris Donaldson, Joel Pylshyn, Dan Cable, Clare Elson, Adam Richardson, Jordan Crute, Owin Lambeck, Jon White)
  • Best Production Design or Art Direction, Non-Fiction – Premiere (Insight Productions Ltd. – Peter Faragher, Kevin Halliday, Aaron Scholl, Andy Roskaft)

Private Eyes

  • Best Lead Actor, Comedy (Piller/Segan – Jason Priestley)
  • Best Lead Actress, Comedy (Piller/Segan – Cindy Sampson)
  • Best Supporting or Guest Actor – Finding Leroy (Piller/Segan – Ennis Esmer)


  • Best Guest Performance, Drama Series – The Fawn (Sienna Films – Shawn Doyle)
  • Best Original Music, Fiction – Radio Silence (Sinna Films – Todor Kobakov)

Harry and Meghan The Royal Wedding

  • Best Live Entertainment Special (Entertainment Tonight Canada/Global News – Sholeh Fabbri, Ryan Carter, Ryan Cripps, Patricia Pehar, Craig Macrae, Jodie Davis, Stephanie Prentice, Laura Carroll, Bob Pagrach, Jesse Barkley, Debbie Lane, Sharon Murphy, Steven Banks, Melissa Lariviere, Graeme O’Neil, Nicole Servinis, Julia Lennox, Anna-Lise Ford, Megan Smyth, Kieron O’Dea, Jessica Harding, Jerry McGuinness, Brian Moggach, Tyler Ward, Michael Vanaselja, Adrian O’Connor, Tim Champion)

Vikings: A New World with ET Canada

  • Best Photography, Lifestyle or Reality/Competition (Entertainment Tonight Canada, Ryan Morgan, Peter Ventura)

GLOBAL NEWS (two nominations)

  • Best National Newscast, Global National (Global News – Dawna Friesen, Leslie Stojsic, Tristan Staddon)
  • Best News Anchor, National (Global News – Dawna Friesen)

TELETOON (12 nominations)

Hotel Transylvania: The Series

  • Best Animated Program or Series (Nelvana Limited – Jane Crawford, Rick Mischel, Scott Dyer, Helen Lebeau, Irene Weibel, Tracey Dodokin)
  • Best Direction, Animation – A Few Good Monsters (Nelvana Limited – Robin Budd)
  • Best Performance, Animation – Fangceañera (Nelvana Limited – Bryn McAuley)
  • Best Sound, Animation – The Legend of Pumpkin Guts (Nelvana Limited – Ryan Araki, Andrew McDonnell, Simon Berry, Sue Robertson, Julia Snell)

Cupcake & Dino: General Services

  • Best Direction, Animation – Cupcake’s Big Surprise (Entertainment One – Pedro Eboli)

Super Dinosaur

  • Best Direction, Animation – Big Brother (Spin Master Dinomite Productions LTD – William Lau)
  • Best Sound, Animation – The Great Race (Spin Master Dinomite Productions LTD – Miguel Nunes)


  • Best Direction, Animation – We Can Eat Sand (Wishfart Productions Inc. – Jason Groh)
  • Best Writing, Animation – Does This Please The Jigmaster (Wishfart Productions Inc.- Emer Connon)
  • Best Writing, Animation – Littterfools Ain’t Cool (Wishfart Productions Inc.- John Hazlett, Lienne Sawatsky, Dan Williams)
  • Best Writing, Animation – Aw, Man! (Wishfart Productions Inc.- Stephanie Kaliner)
  • Best Sound, Animation – We Are Cheetah Face! (Wishfart Productions Inc.- Scott McCrorie)

TREEHOUSE (eight nominations)

Esme & Roy

  • Best Original Music, Animation – Two Can Play At That Game (Nelvana Ltd. – Jonathan Evans, Daniel Ingram)

Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

  • Best Pre-School Program or Series (Portfolio Entertainment Inc. – Lisa Olfman, Joy Rosen, Lawrence S. Mirkin)
  • Best Direction, Animation – The Search for String (Portfolio Entertainment Inc. – Paul Hunt)
  • Best Performance, Animation – Mind Changing Fun (Portfolio Entertainment Inc. – Martin Short)

Ranger Rob

  • Best Pre-School Program or Series (Corus Entertainment – Vanessa Esteves, Helen Lebeau, Alex Bar, Scott Dyer, Oliver Kane)
  • Best Original Music, Animation – Sea Monsters of Big Sky Park (Corus Entertainment – Neil Parfitt)

Rusty Rivets

  • Best Pre-School Program or Series (Spin Master Riveting Productions 2 Inc. – Jennifer Dodge, Laura Clunie, Ronnen Harary, Toni Stevens, Jonah Stroh, Jaelyn Galbraith, Jane Sobol)

Top Wing

  • Best Performance, Animation – Shirley’s Sleepover Adventure (9 Story Media Group – Bryn McAuley)

YTV (seven nominations)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

  • Best Animated Program or Series (DHX Media – Mark Evestaff, Josh Scherba, Kirsten Newlands, Steven Denure, Ken Faier, Rick Mischel, Lesley Jenner, James Brown)
  • Best Original Music, Animation – Something Fishy (DHX Media – Steffan Andrews)
  • Best Performance, Animation – Tinklebottom (DHX Media – Cle Bennett)
  • Best Performance, Animation – Timmy Rockgood (DHX Media – Seán Cullen)

Reboot: The Guardian Code

  • Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program or Series (Wow Unlimited Media Inc. – Michael Hefferon, Larry Raskin, Kim Dent Wilder)
  • Best Visual Effects – Black Hole (Wow Unlimited Media Inc. – Michael Dowding, Steven Elford, Marcel Simons)


  • Best Writing, Animation – The Princess and the Pirate (Nelvana Ltd.- Sean Jara)

(10 nominations) 

100 Days to Victory

  • Best History Documentary Program or Series (Bristow Global Media Inc. – Julie Bristow, Marlo Miazga, Tara Elwood)
  • Best Direction, Documentary Program (Bristow Global Media Inc. – Tim Wolochatiuk)


  • Best Drama Series (Take 5 Productions Inc. – Sheila Hockin, John Weber, Michael Hirst, Morgan O’Sullivan, James Flynn, Alan Gasmer, Sherry Marsh, Bill Goddard)
  • Best Direction, Drama Series – Moments of Vision (Take 5 Productions Inc. – Daniel Grou)
  • Best Direction, Drama Series – The Joke (Take 5 Productions Inc. – Jeff Woolnough)
  • Best Picture Editing, Drama – The Joke (Take 5 Productions Inc. – Tad Seaborn)
  • Best Sound, Fiction – Moments of Vision (Take 5 Productions Inc. – Jane Tattersall, David McCallum, Steve Medeiros, Dale Sheldrake, Brennan Mercer, David Aquino, Claire Dobson, Goro Koyama, Yuri Gorbachow)
  • Best Visual Effects – Moments of Vision (Take 5 Productions Inc. – Dominic Remane, Bill Halliday, Ovidiu Cinazan, Michael Borrett, Tom Morrison, Leann Harvey, Colin Hui, Paul Wishart, Jim Maxwell, Kieran Mckay)
  • Best Original Music, Fiction – Moments of Vision (Take 5 Productions Inc. – Trevor Morris)
  • Best Achievement in Casting (Take 5 Productions Inc. – Frank Moiselle, Nuala Moiselle, Deirdre Bowen)

FOOD NETWORK CANADA (six nominations)

Carnival Eats

  • Best Lifestyle Program or Series (Alibi Entertainment Inc. – James Hyslop, Jennifer Horvath)
  • Best Direction, Lifestyle or Information – Close Encounters of the Food Kind (Alibi Entertainment Inc. – Spencer Ramsay)
  • Best Photography Lifestyle or Reality/Competition – Close Encounters of the Food Kind (Alibi Entertainment Inc. – Matthew Braun)

Top Chef Canada

  • Best Direction, Reality/Competition – Finale Four Ways (Insight Productions Ltd. – Rob Brunner)
  • Best Photography, Lifestyle or Reality/Competition – Finale Four Ways (Insight Productions Ltd – Ryan Shaw, Alex Nadon)
  • Best Picture Editing, Reality/Competition – Double Overtime (Insight Productions Ltd – Michael Tersigni, Ryan Monteith, Mike Scott, Elianna Borsa)

HGTV Canada (six nominations)

Holmes and Holmes

  • Best Direction, Lifestyle or Information – Water: The Good, The Bad and The Money (Holmes And Holmes 2 Inc. – Shelagh Cooke)

Home to Win

  • Best Lifestyle Program or Series (Architect Films Inc. – Cara Volchoff, Mike Sheerin, Tanya Linton)
  • Best Direction, Lifestyle or Information – Good Things Come in Threes (Architect Films Inc. – Frank Samson)

Property Brothers

  • Best Lifestyle Program or Series (Cineflix (Property Brothers 6) Inc. – Jonathan Silver Scott, Drew Scott, Jessica Vander Kooij, Kim Bondi, Dora Fong​)
  • Best Host in a Program or Series (Cineflix (Property Brothers 6) Inc. – Drew Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott​)

Property Brothers: Buying + Selling

  • Best Direction, Lifestyle or Information – Paula & Isabel (Cineflix (Buying and Selling with PB4) Inc. – Misty Tyson)

SHOWCASE (four nominations)


  • Best Lead Actor (Peacock Alley Entertainment – Eric McCormack)
  • Best Guest Performance, Drama Series – Ave Machina (Peacock Alley Entertainment – Enrico Colantoni)
  • Best Supporting Actress, Drama (Peacock Alley Entertainment – Mackenzie Porter)
  • Best Visual Effects- Ave Machina (Peacock Alley Entertainment – Curt Miller, Terry Hutcheson, Tim Mulvihill, Dan Dixon, Sean Gilhooly, Rob Geddes, Brent Veal, Elaine Fung, Jun Matsumaru, Mitch Stuart)

TELELATINO NETWORK (one nomination)

  • Best Host in a Program or Series – David Rocco’s Dolce Africa (David Rocco)


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