A strong corporate culture drives our success. 

Our people and culture bring ideas to life that will drive our long-term success.

We are committed to creating a culture where employees can grow, thrive and excel—and always looking for ways to make our great company greater.

We offer a wide range of well-being initiatives and resources to support the physical, mental & emotional, and financial health of Corus people.

We have redoubled our commitment to have an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity, encourages innovation and collaboration, and allows all of our amazing people to thrive​.

We aspire to align, equip and inspire our people to do the best work of their careers here at Corus.

We acknowledge outstanding employee performance with employee recognition programs, company awards, and provide a wide range of learning and development sessions and group mentorship programs to educate and inspire our people.

And, we have fun along the way! Dog Days, art shows, holiday markets, live music performances, partner activations, industry speakers and more, all engage our people and continue to foster our award-winning corporate culture.

It is, and continues to be, about our people and the work we do.

Here is a snapshot of our corporate recognition, our Core Values and our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion:



These values are what is most important to us, what keeps us motivated and are key drivers of our business, our people, and our culture.


At Corus, we’re committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values and celebrates the diversity that makes us unique, in order to create a strong and innovative company that is Uniquely Us.

At Corus, we strive to be:

  • A group of people that is as diverse as the communities in which we operate, and the audiences we serve
  • An inclusive workplace where all people have the opportunity to show their value and develop their potential
  • A culture where we stand up for each other and actively work to challenge our biases and assumptions