We’re committed to environmental initiatives to ensure a sustainable future through the implementation of green practices at our locations.

Our Show We Care value also underpins our commitment to reduce our environmental impact where we work.  With an engaged team across Canada that is focused on the positive benefits of green practices and their impact, many programs are in place at our offices to reduce waste, recycle responsibly and repurpose materials/equipment as needed.

With a corporate commitment to reduce our environmental footprint, many digital platforms are embedded into our business. In the last two years, new platforms have been introduced to enable fully digital electronic invoice processing, contract approvals and integrated human capital management processes. These initiatives have resulted in reduced paper consumption and mailing costs, a more efficient, secure approval process and significant workflow efficiencies.

Some of the employee-led initiatives being undertaken across our offices include:


  • Recycling programs, composting, lighting retrofits and purchasing sustainable materials
  • Environmentally responsible “e-waste” recycling programs to manage electronic waste


  • Creating “green stores” where employees can find recycled office supplies
  • Reusing glass, flooring, fixtures and furniture from surrendered sites that in turn minimizes on landfill
  • Paper reuse and toner refill and battery recharging


  • Donating lightly-used furniture to wholesale retailers and local charities
  • Bike storage facilities to encourage our people to use non-carbon generating forms of transportation
  • Online recruitment and digital resume submission
  • Using Cloud platforms for employee self-service
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Using green products where possible

Corus Quay

In 2010, Corus Quay initiated the revitalization of Toronto’s Eastern Bayfront area, bringing life, energy and business opportunities to Toronto’s waterfront. As the anchor development for the East Bayfront district, Corus Quay’s strategic design created a collaborative and innovative work environment, as well as an environmentally responsible facility.

Through yearly initiatives at Corus Quay, Corus grew its capture rate to 79% and diversion rate to 44% which shows increased and stringent practices in place to keep cross-contamination low through waste and recycling. Through these practices, Corus was also able to help sustainable efforts the environment through saving the equivalent of 303 trees, 401,842 litres of water, 62,177 kwh of energy and 21,807 litres of oil (results from January 1 to December 31, 2019).

Did you know? 35% of all materials associated with the construction and interiors of Corus Quay came from within 800 km of the building location, including hemlock which line the walls of the Atrium. The hemlock was reclaimed from a 1910 ferry terminal wharf in Toronto Harbour.


Our head office, with a LEED® Gold Certification, is a great example of our commitment to green initiatives with reduced power and water consumption, energy efficient lighting, a five-storey bio-wall for air filtration, as well as use of local and recycled materials.