Around the world, workplaces, organizations and individuals have been seeking new conversations about racial injustice and in particular anti-Black racism.

At Corus, we acknowledge that systemic racism exists within our society and workplaces. We are committed to taking the necessary actions seeking to rid our organization of racism and systemic barriers as we strive to create a fully inclusive culture – one in which equity and diversity can thrive.

In June 2020, we engaged the services of DiversiPro, third-party diversity and inclusion professionals with expertise in anti-Black racism, to help us bring about systemic change at Corus.

Having DiversiPro’s expert assessment has helped us focus on the highest impact areas for change, to ensure that we could tackle systemic barriers in the most meaningful way.

After a four-month review, we have received a series of recommendations on how to create a new path for increased equity, diversity and inclusion at Corus.

Within this review, we have heard people describing their experiences and distress arising from their experiences, which we regret. We respect and appreciate the willingness of our employees to share their experiences to help create change for the future.

We now share the key findings of this important work, as well as the steps we will take, as a company, to address the results of this review. Sharing this information publicly reinforces our commitment to building a new path to an inclusive, sustainable culture here at Corus – in which equity, diversity, and inclusion are central to what we do within our company and in our communities.

“No other media organization in Canada has had a third-party take such a deep look into the issues of equity, diversity and inclusion. It takes both courage and foresight to have this done. So, for that Corus should be congratulated. While the actions presented in the findings may sound somewhat daunting, the opportunities are significant. In fact, Corus has the overall opportunity to lead the media sector in inclusion and diversity.”

- Hamlin Grange, Principal, DiversiPro -

Methodology in Brief

The DiversiPro team conducted:

  • A company-wide equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) survey of the Corus workforce
  • One-on-one confidential interviews with Corus employees who volunteered to discuss their experience at the company
  • An examination of the systems that support equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism at Corus through a thorough review of Corus’ written policies and practices, related documents and interviews with relevant parties
  • An assessment of leaders’ capacity to make sense of cultural differences and commonalities through their intercultural competency profiles

Action Plan

The following table summarizes the findings and what Corus will do to address those findings. The information shared here has been reviewed by DiversiPro to ensure it properly reflects their input.

Corus is committed to sharing information on a go-forward basis as we implement our action plan, including posting progress updates on this site as we move forward.

Click here to view some updates and actions taken in recent months.