Wonder what makes Corus, well, Corus?

In a nutshell it’s our values.  Straightforward, powerful statements that define what’s most important to us: What makes our people tick. The attitude we bring to the work we do. How we contribute to our communities.

Our values describe what makes ours a pretty unique—and amazing—place to work. They’re what make us strong and resilient.

We’re delighted share them with you.

Win Together
Be approachable and actively help others succeed.
Openly share information, offer ideas, debate options.
Celebrate great results, appreciate each other.

Think Beyond
Challenge assumptions, imagine what’s possible.
Invent opportunities, create new solutions.
Boldly set big goals and take smart risks.

Make It Happen
Focus on priorities, take ownership to deliver.
Find ways to simplify and remove barriers.
Be energetic, positive and persistent.

Learn Every Day
Be curious and look broadly for answers.
Try new things and learn from our mistakes.
Be flexible, embrace change as a way to grow.

Show We Care
Support each other’s personal well-being
Deeply understand and serve our audiences.
Make a positive difference in our communities.