Michael D’Avella

Mr. D’Avella served most recently as Senior Vice President of Planning for Shaw Communications Inc. (“Shaw”) until his retirement in September 2013. During his 22 years at Shaw, Mr. D’Avella was involved in every aspect of Shaw’s business strategy, growth, acquisitions, new product and service launches and technology planning. He has over 30 years of experience in the Canadian communications industry and has extensive knowledge of the regulatory and public policy environment in Canada. Mr. D’Avella led Shaw’s programming and content licensing negotiations including the licensing of content for a variety of delivery platforms. In 2008, Mr. D’Avella led Shaw’s successful acquisition of Advanced Wireless Services spectrum and the overall development of Shaw’s wireless strategy. Mr. D’Avella has served as a Director on several public and private companies including Terayon Communications Systems, GT Group Telecom, and Canadian Satellite Communications (Cancom). Mr. D’Avella graduated from St. Michael’s College (the University of Toronto) with a BA (Hons.).

Member of the Corporate Governance Committee