Roswell, New Mexico, Season 2 – (13x60mins)
Monday, March 16 at 9 p.m. ET
Canadian Broadcast Premiere

Roswell, New Mexico is a love story, a relationship drama and the story of a small town, which happens to have aliens. Romantic and emotional, this is a story about people who feel like outsiders in their world — all alienated for different reasons, whether in their community, in society, or even in Roswell.

Once again, an Ortecho sister with a sharp tongue and a chip on her shoulder is back in Roswell after ten years gone, and she’s about to discover she’s been serving mint chip milkshakes to intergalactic aliens all her life. In Season 2, Liz (Jeanine Mason, Grey’s Anatomy) mourns her lost love (Nathan Parsons, The Originals) by seeking comfort in science, both earthly and extraterrestrial, as Rosa (Amber Midthunder, Legion) turns to Kyle (Michael Trevino, The Vampire Diaries) to help her find her place in the unfamiliar territory of 2019. Fans of the 1999 television series can also look forward to surprise appearances from original cast members this season.

Behind the acclaimed  Roswell High book series, the 1999 cult classic television series and the recent reboot, Roswell, New Mexico is a real place where real reports of paranormal activity, alien sightings and unexplained incidents occur

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