HGTV Canada: Plant Mama (6 x 5-10 mins)
Sprouted from the growing trend of gardening content in 2020, which received over 4 billion views from January to July, and increased engagement on @HGTVCanada’s platforms for creator-led plant and green living content,** Plant Mama was born. Led by HGTV Canada’s resident plant expert Amanda Roberts, she breathes new life into homes and teaches others about growing and caring for plants. Each episode explores a new leg of the vast jungle that is green living. Appealing to novice growers and green thumbs alike, Amanda nurtures the basics, cultivates challenges, and ultimately helps seedling audiences grow outside of their comfort zones. She’s talking planting, propagating, styling, and more. The series is extended online with robust digital editorial, providing accompanying articles for each episode along with previously commissioned plant content authored by Amanda. Plant Mama premieres May 27 with new episodes weekly on HGTV Canada platforms including the Global TV app.

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