Fire Masters (20x60min)
Spring 2019 and Spring 2020
Canadian Original, World Broadcast Premiere

Food Network Canada enters the inferno in Fire Masters, a new food competition series that puts teams of open-flame fanatics in a head-to-head-to-head battle for fire supremacy and cold, hard cash – competing against each other and the series judges. In every self-contained hour-long episode, three teams of chefs face off in three blazing culinary challenges, pushing their talents to the limit and testing their mettle as they cook up creative, mouth-watering, flame-kissed dishes. In each of the first two fiery rounds, one team is eliminated until a sole pair remains. In the third and final round, fuel is added to the fire in the ultimate battle: An epic throw-down with a Fire Masters judge and an opportunity to win $10,000. Fire Masters is the ultimate grilling competition and a literal trial by fire! Light the match. Heat the coals. It’s time to test the limits of the best of the best to see who can walk away with the coveted Fire Master title.