In the Season 3 premiere of Some Assembly Required, Jarvis (Kolton Stewart The Next Step) discovers that a Meeskatanian toy company, Knockknock Toys, is making knockoffs of all of Knickknack’s most popular toys, and recruits Bowie (Harrison Houde, Diary of a Wimpy Kid) to investigate. Bowie is captured while investigating the company and the gang must fly to Meeskatania to save him and put an end to the knockoffs. Season 2 ended with Jarvis declaring his love for Piper (Charlie Storwick, The Next Star) and this season fans will see him pursue her, while Piper, convinced that she and Jarvis are meant to be nothing more than friends, moves on to pursue her music career.  Bowie will try to help bring them together, but how much can he really help?  Some Assembly Required is a YTV original series produced by Thunderbird Films. The series is created by Dan Signer (A.N.T. Farm, Mr. Young) and Howard Nemetz (Mr. Young, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody).



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