·         New Six-Part Movie Central Original Documentary Series Reelside, Premieres September 3

·         Featuring Sarah Gadon, Seth Rogen, Caitlin Cronenberg, Michael Hogan, George A. Romero, Evan Goldberg, David Hayter, Don McKellar, Bruce McDonald, Stephen Amell, and more

TORONTO – Movie Central gets the reel scoop into the creative process of those both in front of and behind the camera in Reelside, a new six-part, half-hour original documentary series premiering Thursday, September 3, at 9 p.m. MT/PT. Each episode follows filmmakers, mentors and actors through different creative projects, such as Sarah Gadon (Map To The Stars) who partners with Caitlin Cronenberg (Pompeii) on a photography project, Evan Goldberg (This Is The End) and Seth Rogen (Neighbors) who share experiences about being Canadian boys in Hollywood, and Matthew Hannam (Enemy) who sets off with mentors Don McKellar (Last Night) and Bruce McDonald (The Tracey Fragments) on a classically Canadian road trip.

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Reelside is a production from Fifth Ground Entertainment in association with Movie Central and The Movie Network. Executive Producers are Richard Crouse, Raj Panikkar (Rent-a-Goalie), and Christopher Szarka (Flush). Producers are Szarka and Panikkar. Directors are Sarah Gadon, Philip Riccio (Republic of Doyle), Taylor Clarke, Matthew Hannam, Matthew Lochner (We Need a Hero), and Raj Panikkar. Kale Stockwell, original production coordinator and Chris Bell director of original programming for Movie Central. Maria Hale is Vice President, Television, Pay TV, Corus Entertainment.


Episode 1 – Caitlin Cronenberg with Sarah Gadon
Premieres Thursday, September 3
at 9 p.m. MT/PT
Commissioned by an Italian fashion magazine for a photography project, celebrated photographer Caitlin Cronenberg and actor Sarah Gadon travel to Bruce Peninsula National Park. This episode explores how the pair connected amidst the Hollywood and Fashion machine, and issues of image-making, film, and fashion. Sarah Gadon’s directorial debut.

Episode 2 – Philip Riccio with George A. Romero
Premieres Thursday, September 10
at 9 p.m. MT/PT
Actor Philip Riccio goes behind the camera to explore filmmaking in the pre-digital era with his mentor, horror film icon George A. Together, they remake one of Romero’s lost films. Romero guides Phil through 16mm filmmaking, reminiscing about his long career along the way.

Episode 3 –Evan Goldberg with Seth Rogen and Matthew Bass
Premieres Thursday, September
at 17 p.m. MT/PT
Director Taylor Clarke catches Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen in LA on the set of big budget comedy Neighbors and at the premiere of their more personal project, This is the End. On the crux of the next big step forward in their careers, they share their journey from Canadian boys to making it big in Hollywood. Meanwhile, the pair guide rising talent Matt Bass through an endless string of rejections.

Episode 4 – Science Fiction
Premieres Thursday, September 24
at 9 p.m. MT/PT
Vincenzo Natali (Cube) takes audiences through a demonstration of world building, from conceptualizing a project from scratch to a fully realized creation. Graeme Manson (Orphan Black), Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica), Astronaut and Space-X Engineer Garrett Reisman, and film critic Jesse Wente all weigh in on the genre and the critical point at which science meets fiction.

Episode 5 – Don McKellar and Bruce McDonald
Premieres Thursday, October 1
at 9 p.m. MT/PT
Accomplished editor Matthew Hannam (Sensitive Skin) sets off to Northern Ontario with his mentors, Don McKellar (Sensitive Skin) and Bruce McDonald (Hard Core Logo), to create a documentary about their careers. Along the way, the two legends explore the iconic power of the Canadian road movie.

Episode 6 – Superheroes
Premieres Thursday, October 8
at 9 p.m. MT/PT
Emerging filmmaker Matthew Lochner is on a journey to create his own superhero concept, complete with a trailer. Along the way, Matthew enlists the help of Stephen Amell (Arrow), David Hayter (X-Men), and Lloyd Kaufman (The Troma Empire) to understand what it means to be a superhero, what’s behind the genre, and what it means to fans while uncovering glimpses of what drives them in their careers.

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