Original Pictures and Ibis Entertainment announced today, the premiere of their epic 26-episode live-action TV series, Guinevere Jones. This modern-day tale of myth, magic and romance launches on YTV Saturday, May 4th, 8:00 – 8:30 p.m. (r) Friday, May 10th, 8:30 – 9:00 p.m. EST/PST.

Guinevere Jones stars TAMARA HOPE as Gwen Jones, a reluctant heroine who discovers that she is the modern-day reincarnation of the legendary Queen Guinevere. Hand-picked by the great wizard Merlin (TED HAMILTON), like Guinevere before her, teenage Gwen is an old soul. Her birthright and destiny is to use magic to save the world from evil, but try telling that to a 14 year-old who’s dealing with a new school, new friends and all the usual pressures of teen life.

“With its fantasy based story line and dark, eerie imagery, Guinevere Jones is a perfect fit for Dark Corner, YTV’s Saturday night line-up of fantasy and scare-fare programming,” says Joanna Webb, Director of Programming, Children’s Television, Corus Entertainment. “Joining viewer favourites such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Scariest Places on Earth, Guinevere Jones is set to add Arthurian magic and mysticism to YTV’s popular Saturday night line up.”

Guinevere Jones reunites the creative team of Kim Todd and Elizabeth Stewart who were behind YTV’s award-winning series The Adventures of Shirley Holmes. A Canada/Australia co-production between Winnipeg-based Original Pictures Inc., Vancouver-based IBIS Entertainment Inc. and Australia’s Crawford Productions Ltd. in association with YTV, the series is executive produced by Kim Todd, Elizabeth Stewart, Tom Parkinson and Bruce Gordon. Producers are Tim Williams and Lynn Bayonas.

“It’s about magic and destiny. Combining the flavour of Celtic mysticism with the pressures of today’s modern world creates a wonderful backdrop to this story of a young girl’s attempt to make sense of her life,” said Elizabeth Stewart, Executive Producer.

“This series offers a refreshing and unique take on the contemporary teen,” said Kim Todd, President of Original Pictures Inc. “We are thrilled that YTV is showcasing this series so prominently.”

The series was shot for spectacular high definition television (HDTV) making it available for the new technology. The special effects, said Todd, “are thrilling, including the projection of Merlin from the past.” Each episode is highlighted with 15 to 20 breathtaking visual effects.

Canadian actress TAMARA HOPE (Sandy Bottom Orchestra) plays Gwen, a young Canadian whose world falls apart when, on the run in Australia, her mother is hospitalized with mental illness. Gwen finds herself in foster care in a strange country at a strange school. Things become a lot more bizarre when Gwen discovers that her mother isn’t mentally ill, but possessed by a demon. Somehow, Gwen and her mother are caught in an evil plot launched by the infamous sorceress Morgana La Fay (MERCIA DEANE JOHNS). No matter how reluctant she may be, Gwen realizes she has no choice but to learn magic from Merlin and use it to try and save her mother. Along with a myriad of demons and magical beings, Gwen also encounters her own Arthur (DAMIEN BODIE) and Lancelot (Canadian actor, YANI GELLMAN) as she fights to establish her modern identity against the legendary Guinevere. One difference is clear: Gwen is no damsel in distress. This time around, the girl gets to be the hero. Creative producer Kim Todd and series creator Elizabeth Stewart have combined the thrill of magic with the relationship drama of teen life, exploring the battle between good and evil in the epic realm of Merlin and Morgana, as well as in the hallways of a typical high school.

A second season of 13 episodes has already been ordered by YTV. In Australia, the Channel Ten Network will air the 26 episodes in a single season. This summer, Random House will release the first in a series of Guinevere Jones books as part of the market launch of Canada’s newest TV character.

YTV, Canada’s #1 youth network, is seen in over eight million homes across Canada. As a major force in Canadian kids’ entertainment, YTV has triggered over $819 million in Canadian independent production; developed a Web site that averages more than 2.1 million page impressions each week; published a successful kids’ magazine, Whoa!; and conducts a highly respected annual survey, The YTV Kid & Tween Report. YTV is owned by Corus Entertainment, a Canadian-based media and entertainment company. Corus is Canada’s market leader in both specialty TV and Radio. Corus also owns Nelvana Limited, one of the world’s largest international producers and distributors of children’s programming and products. The company’s other interests include music, television broadcasting and advertising services. A publicly traded company, Corus is listed on the Toronto (CJR.B) and New York (CJR) Exchanges. Corus’ Web site can be found at corusentertainment.com.


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