Ownership or Interest in More Than 40 New Channels

(TORONTO – Canada) Corus Entertainment Inc. (NYSE: CJR; TSE: CJRb) was a big winner last week when the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) released the list of newly licenced digital pay and specialty services. Through direct ownership, partnership or minority interest, Corus plays a role in a total of 42 of the 283 newly-approved services.

“This is great news for Corus Entertainment,” said John Cassaday, President and CEO of Corus Entertainment. “It reaffirms the importance we’ve placed on growth and expansion into new attractive niche television services and sets us on a course that will help us achieve our strategic vision of becoming Canada’s leading entertainment company.”

The Corus Entertainment brand will have a prime place in the new lineup of choice for Canadian digital television subscribers with key wins in the all-important Category 1 set of licences. The CRTC licenced 21 out of 87 applications for coveted “Category 1” licences which will have mandatory carriage on digital cable. Of the 16 approved English services, Corus Entertainment controls two: The Canadian Documentary Channel with minority partners including the National Film Board of Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and independent documentary producers; and Land & Sea with minority involvement from the CBC. Corus Entertainment, alone and through its partnerships with other Canadian media companies including Nelvana, Alliance Atlantis, Teletoon, Telelatino, and The Family Channel, has made a significant and diversified investment in digital specialty services.

The CRTC’s approval of 16 Corus-led Category 2 applications, along with a new licence to operate a video-on-demand service, has cleared the way for the Corus Entertainment to become a powerhouse in Canadian digital television. The complete list of Corus’ digital channel interests is attached. Corus Entertainment will review the CRTC’s full decisions and the conditions under which all the new digital services have been licenced when they are released, as expected, next month.

Corus Entertainment Inc. is one of Canada’s leading media companies with a strategic focus in children’s programming and music. Its principal assets consist of 49 radio stations (subject to CRTC approval of the proposed acquisition of Metromedia Broadcasting), specialty television networks, Pay TV and conventional television assets. Corus is also prominent in the digital music market and various advertising service companies. A publicly traded company, Corus is listed on the Toronto (CJR.B) and New York (CJR) Exchanges.


For further information contact:

John M. Cassaday, President and CEO Corus Entertainment Inc.

(416) 642-3770

Kerry Morgan, Director, Corporate Communications, Corus Entertainment Inc.

(416) 642-3792


Corus Category 1 Services 1. The Canadian Documentary Channel (Corus, CBC, NFB, 4 independent producers) 2. Land & Sea (Corus, CBC) VOD Services 1. Corus Entertainment On-Demand Corus-Led Category 2 Services 1. Adult Alternative Music Channel 2. Celtic Country 3. CMT Hits 4. Edge TV 5. HorrorVision 6. Parent TV 7. Télé Tout P’tit 8. The Classical Channel 9. The Hockey Channel 10. The Jazz Channel 11. The Real Estate Channel 12. YTV OneWorld 13. YTV POW! 14. Discovery Kids (Discovery U.S.) 15. Pet TV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 16. RAI Canada (RAI) Corus Category Services 2 With Others 17. Ana Canada (Telelatino) 18. Caribe Canada (Telelatino) 19. TV Chile Canada (Telelatino) 20. TV Italy (Telelatino) 21. HTV Canada (Telelatino) 22. Network Italia (Telelatino) 23. NRT Canada (Telelatino) 24. PSN Canada (Telelatino) 25. Video Italia (Telelatino) 26. Sitcom Canada (Telelatino) 27. Telemundo Canada (Telelatino) 28. D.I.Y. Television (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 29. Real TV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 30. Nostalgia TV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 31. U-8-TV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 32. Teletoon Action (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 33. Teletoon Adult (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 34. Teletoon Art (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 35. Teletoon Multi (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 36. Teletoon Pop (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 37. Teletoon Retro (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 38. The Nelvana Channel (Nelvana Inc.) 39. Canal Habitat (Métromédia CMR Broadcasting Inc.)