YTV renews Some Assembly RequiredNumb Chucks and Nerds and Monsters

TELETOON and TÉLÉTOON renew Camp Lakebottom, Total Drama “Riconculous Race,” Fugget About It and Au pays des Tête à claques

 Corus Entertainment is pleased to unveil a slate of new live action and animated original programs that will roll out on its kids networks including YTV, TELETOON (English), and Corus Média’s network TÉLÉTOON (French) in 2014 and 2015. YTV’s lineup of new shows includes: live action series Max & Shred and The Game; a hybrid live action/animated series The Stanley Dynamic and animated series Looped. New series slated for TELETOON and TÉLÉTOON include animated comedy shows Atomic Puppet, Freak vs. Sweet, Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong, ToonMart Marty, Craqué and Les Grandes Gueules (working title).

This announcement was made from the Banff World Media Festival where Corus is proud to be associated with the Kids and Animation program.

“We’re thrilled to be adding a number of original programs across our Corus kids networks that will delight audiences and that represent our strongest slate yet,” said Colin Bohm, Vice President, Television, Head of Corus Kids. “We are extremely proud of the new and returning shows and are excited to be collaborating with a rich and diverse pool of talented production partners, including studios that are new to Corus.”

In addition to this newly announced lineup of productions, Corus will be renewing several YTV series including Some Assembly Required Season 2 (Thunderbird Films), Numb Chucks Season 2 (9 Story Entertainment) and Nerds and Monsters Season 2 (Slap Happy Cartoons).

TELETOON and TÉLÉTOON renewals include Camp Lakebottom Season 2 (9 Story Entertainment), Total Drama “Ridonculous Race” (Fresh TV), Fugget About It Season 3 (9 Story Entertainment) and a one-hour Rocket Monkeys special (Breakthrough Entertainment). A third season of Au pays des Têtes à claques (Salambo TV Inc) has been green lit exclusively for TÉLÉTOON.

YTV New Series

Max & Shred

Breakthrough Entertainment

26 x 30 minutes, Live Action Comedy

Fall 2014

Max & Shred is a buddy comedy about the unlikely friendship that forms when easygoing superstar snowboarder, Max Asher, moves in with anxious academic Alvin Ackerman and his family.  The show centers on the boys’ odd couple relationship as they help and hinder each other through the trials of teenage life.  Howie, an adorable, super smart eight-year-old girl protégé of Alvin’s, aids the boys in their adventures.  Each half hour multi-cam episode will comically highlight the challenges of the young science whiz living with a celebrity athlete.  It’s gonna be siiiiick!

The Stanley Dynamic

Amaze Film + Television

20 x 30 minutes, Hybrid Live Action/Animated Comedy Series

Winter 2015

The Stanley Dynamic is a brand new multi-cam sitcom that brings family viewers together – kids and parents alike – to laugh along with the Stanleys, a dynamic TV family that is a lot like your own, but with one big twist: they have a son who is an animated cartoon.  That’s right, the Stanleys gave birth to a cartoon bouncing baby boy named Luke, who literally bounced around the hospital delivery room when he popped out. Now, Luke and his somewhat normal, flesh-and-blood twin brother, Larry, are navigating high school and trying to fit in, which can be tough when you have a body that stretches like a giant wad of gum. Luckily, they have the support of their overworked Mom, their genius sister and their cartoonist Dad, a boy at heart who chronicles the family’s adventures in his online comic strip called The Stanley Dynamic.

The Game

Ad Lib Films Inc.

20 x 30 minutes (40 x 11 minutes), Live Action Comedy

Winter 2015

When you’re a young teenager, sometimes it can feel like your every embarrassing, mortifying, cringe-worthy moment is being watched by everyone. And in Cody Martin’s case – it is. Cody’s your average 13-year-old 7th grader. He’s dealing with growing pains, zits, a changing voice, an annoying younger sister, some mild social awkwardness and a burgeoning, intense interest in girls. Added to this, Cody’s life – unbeknownst to him – has become The Game. His attempts to get through the day without too many disasters are followed by two sportscasters, Bob and Dave, who give play-by-play, analysis and colour commentary of Cody’s every move for viewers at home. They cheer for him when he wins and feel defeated when he loses, but are always in admiration of how Cody tries to triumph in each mortifying challenge that life throws his way.


DHX Media

26 x 30 minutes, Animated Comedy Series

Fall 2014

Best friends Luc and Theo are stuck in a time loop where every day is the same Monday. Though they can’t see into the future, they know everything there is to know about Monday, the 12th and use it to their advantage to trigger changes and create loopholes in the timeline that result in great new adventures. However, Luc and Theo quickly learn that playing with time has some less-than-stellar consequences. Their time loops tend to alter the universal time stream and create glitches. People and things from other dimensions keep getting into their time loop and mess everything up. In the meantime, nothing will stop the boys from having the time of their lives. Luc and Theo push every Monday to the max just in case one night their Monday progresses to Tuesday. They don’t care if they get a year of detentions because every night the day reboots itself. Unless they wake up and it’s Tuesday the 13th—then they’ll have some serious explaining to do.


Freak vs. Sweet

Portfolio Entertainment

26 x 22 minutes, Animated Series

Fall 2015

In a land ravaged by the evil forces of cute, only one bastion of freakiness remains. It’s up to Benjamin Bones and his friends to protect their freaky town from Princess Boo Boo who plans to turn it into a place so cute it’ll make you rainbow barf through your nose!

Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong

Entertainment One (eOne)

​26 x 22 minutes​, Animated Series

Fall 2015

The show follows the hilarious hijinks of Winston Steinburger, his feline best friend Sir Dudley and an uptight alien, Hampton, as they explore the galaxy together in a homemade space cruiser seeking out fun adventures. The three astronomical amigos face death on a daily basis, squaring off against bubbling planets, bad-breathed Space-bandits and the worst nemesis of all – Pam the Destroyer – a tweenie bopper with a manic personality, an itchy trigger finger and a mega crush on Winston.

Atomic Puppet

​Mercury Filmworks

26 x 22 minutes, Animated Series

Fall 2015​

Atomic Puppet is the story of young Joey Felt’s transformation from SUPERFAN to SUPER HERO. When Joey’s favourite hero Captain Atomic is transformed into a super-powered puppet that can only be activated by his fist, Joey’s dreams of having super powers of his own are realized. Kind of…  Atomic Puppet still wants to save the world, but he isn’t keen on having a partner!  Together they form an awkward and comedic duo striving to become the city’s greatest superhero team.

ToonMart Marty

Sardine Productions Inc.

20 x 22 minutes, Animated Series

Fall 2015/Winter 2016

Marty is the biggest thing to ever hit ToonVille! Literally. When Toonmart Marty, the huge fiberglass rooftop mascot of the ToonMart is zapped to life in a freak accident, his life changes forever. Now that Marty can move and talk, and bend, and bounce, and scream, and stretch, and swing and float and pretty much do everything he ever wanted to do, he never ever ever wants to stop. It’s a cartoon party.

Craqué (English title TBC)

Squeeze Studio Animation

52 x 1 minute, Animated Short

Fall 2015/Winter 2016

Ed is a paranoid ostrich dad who wants to protect his eight hyperactive eggs who only want to discover the world. A moment’s distraction leads to an escape, a crazy race, panic and… a nervous breakdown! Who will crack first?

Les Grandes Gueules (English title TBC)

Oasis Animation

26 x 22 minutes, Animated Series

Fall 2015/Winter 2016

Les Grandes Gueules is inspired from well-known characters and radio sketches from the past 19 years. Each episode features audio clips from the Grandes Gueules catalogue and original stories around a specific topic or intrigue.

YTV and TELETOON’s fall 2014 broadcast schedules will be announced in the coming weeks.

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