Update: Scope and Mandate for Our Diversity Review

This is an important time in our society. Conversations about anti-Black racism, and biases and barriers for people of colour and for Indigenous peoples are more open and focused on lasting change than ever before. At Corus, we acknowledge that systemic racism exists within our society and workplaces. We are committed to being transparent and unwavering in taking the necessary actions to rid our organization of any form of racism or systemic barriers, and to create an inclusive culture—one in which equity and diversity can thrive.

We have therefore engaged the services of DiversiPro and anti-racism experts with lived experiences to help us bring about systemic change at Corus.

DiversiPro’s specific recommendations from their review will be presented to Corus in a final report this September, and these recommendations will be integrated into our current Diversity and Inclusion multi-year plan. We are committed to transparency, and will share key findings, insights, and action items both internally and externally.

The review will be executed in four key areas:

  • Interviews: Interviews with a cross-section of employees to hear first-hand experiences of working at Corus;
  • Survey: A survey of all people at Corus to provide quantitative insights that will round out the interviews;
  • Engagement with senior leaders: Intercultural assessments of approximately 100 senior leaders in the company, providing insights and development plans; and
  • Review of our People-related policies: To identify any barriers or biases in our people-related policies and processes and of any necessary changes.

We will be providing updates during the review directly to our people, as well as publicly on @CorusPR and via our website, corusent.com.


Corus’ Committed Actions with Regard to our Global News Business

In addition to the recommendations and action plans that result from DiversiPro’s fulsome review, we are identifying and implementing specific actions more immediately. We heard the voices from current and former employees, and specifically within our News division, and have acted with the following commitments already underway:

  • More transparent reporting of racialized groups in our teams, both at the frontline and management levels.
  • Targeted recruitment to increase representation of persons of colour across the organization.
  • Specific initiatives aimed at removing systemic barriers to improve retention and promotion opportunities.
  • A renewed commitment to consultation with racialized and marginalized communities in regards to our news coverage.
  • Continued support for targeted scholarships and mentorships for aspiring media professionals.

At Corus, our company values are built on a foundation of learning and challenging assumptions to create a new, better future.

Together we all need to do better, and to do more.


(Updated: July 21, 2020)
Corus CEO Signs BlackNorth Initiative Pledge

Corus President & CEO, Doug Murphy joins 200 other Canadian business leaders and their companies in signing the BlackNorth Initiative CEO pledge expressing their commitment to the removal of systemic barriers negatively affecting the lives of Black Canadians. The BlackNorth Initiative is another way to strengthen our internal action with outside frameworks, and complements our company-wide systemic review led by DiversiPro as well as other currently initiatives underway.

At the heart of the pledge are strong words:
“Working alongside, and in collaboration with, the BlackNorth Initiative, we will increase our efforts to make our workplaces trusting places to have complex, and sometimes difficult conversations about anti-Black systemic racism and ensure that no barriers exist to prevent Black employees from advancing within the company.”

Our plan is to take the DiversiPro recommendations, along with the BlackNorth Initiatives guidelines, and create an action plan that is targeted for high-impact and sustainable change here at Corus.


(Updated: August 18, 2020)
Corus’ Nelvana develops diversity commitment for kids content

Corus has committed to do better. As a media and content company, this commitment must extend to our content as well. As a world-leading international producer and distributor of children’s animated and live-action content, Nelvana is developing an action plan to ensure the Black community is represented in our kids content. The first phase of this action plan is to establish our goals which include:

  1. Having stories told by Black voices.
  2. Having projects in our development slate created by Black storytellers and projects that feature Black people as main characters.
  3. Hiring Black actors to not only voice Black characters but also other characters.
  4. Launching a kids content incubator program for BIPOC storytellers, focusing on Black storytellers to begin.

This action plan joins the work happening across our other content teams as well as at Global News, work that will also complement DiversiPro’s review and recommendations to address systemic barriers and to strengthen diversity and inclusion in our workforce.