As a media company that serves kids and families, Corus Entertainment is committed to the well being of children. With proper food, children can learn and flourish. By focusing our corporate giving efforts on alleviating childhood hunger, we can provide children with the foundation to reach their potential.

In the spring, Corus Entertainment launches a two week fundraising campaign that highlights Corus Feeds Kids Day. Corus Feeds Kids is a national campaign designed to raise awareness and funds to help alleviate childhood hunger for local food banks across Canada. Corus Feeds Kids Day is when viewers, listeners, employees and the community are encouraged to support Corus Feeds Kids by making a donation to their local food bank.

Corus Feeds Kids is not a registered charity, which is why we’ve partnered with local food banks in our communities. Corus Entertainment is able to use its TV and Radio megaphone to raise awareness of this issue.

To make a donation, please select one of the approved Corus Feeds Kids supported agencies on the Corus Feeds Kids page. These agencies are all registered charities and are partnered with Corus Entertainment on this campaign.


Your entire donation is directed to your local food bank and will go towards purchasing child-friendly food.

By selecting a food bank in your community, your donation will be kept local and will go toward purchasing child-friendly food.

Please refer to the local food banks donation policy.