Quadrangle Architects Limited is responsible for the interior and fit-out of Corus Quay. Quadrangle's design combines the practical with the whimsical to create a unified office space that promotes teamwork, creativity, greater communication and collaboration.

The goal was to combine Corus' numerous Toronto operations into a consolidated and branded environment and apply design strategies that build Corus's brand identity and advance Corus' Core Values of Accountability, Initiative, Innovation, Knowledge and Teamwork.

The interior of Corus Quay embodies three key design concepts of water, flow and renewable energy. Each floor features unique design elements that surprise, entertain and inspire.

Quadrangle built on the base building's environment initiatives. Lighting is controlled with sensors and responds to daylight making the building behave in an intelligent fashion. All material and furniture choices were filtered through a low-emissions, low impact and sustainable filter.

The floor plates are wide open, workstation walls and panels are low and allow for democracy of natural light, and there are many and varied spaces for collaboration. Staff can work how they want, where they want, when they want. All of these contribute to employee well-being and comfort.

Corus and Quadrangle worked to create the smartest broadcast facility of its kind, in the world. The building has revolutionized how Corus delivers its technical product and at the same time the building has transformed the way Corus' team works.

In April 2015, Corus Quay was awarded LEED® Gold certification under Commercial Interiors.