A. Corus Entertainment is listed on the Toronto (CJR.B) Stock Exchange.

A. Yes. Corus “B” non-voting shares trade on the TSX. Class “A” voting shares do not trade on the public stock exchanges.

A. Corus Entertainment was created on September 1, 1999 as a spin-off of Shaw Communications Inc. On its first day of trading, CJR.B opened on the Toronto Stock Exchange at $18.50.

A. Class A shareholders of Shaw who held one Class A Share of Shaw Communication Inc. prior to the split received one Class A share of Shaw and one-third of a Class A Share of Corus. Class B non-voting shareholders of Shaw received one Class B Non-Voting Share of Shaw Communications Inc. and one-third of one Class B Non-Voting Share of Corus for each Class B Non-Voting Share of Shaw previously held by them.

A. For income tax purposes, a Shareholders’ Adjusted Cost Base (“ACB”) is allocated as follows:

Immediately Before the Effective Time of the Arrangement ACB ACB Immediately After ACB
Shaw Class A Shares 100% Shaw Class A Shares
Corus Class A Shares
Shaw Class B Non-Voting Shares 100% Shaw Class B Non-Voting Shares
Corus Class B Non-Voting Shares

A. Corus Entertainment was created from the media assets of Shaw Communications Inc. Corus became a separate and distinct, publicly traded corporation in September 1999. The Shaw family holds the majority of voting shares in both companies. Shaw Cable is one of Corus Entertainment’s largest customers.

A. The President and CEO of Corus Entertainment is Doug Murphy. The directors of Corus Entertainment are Heather Shaw (Executive Chair), Doug Murphy, Fernand Bélisle, Peter Bissonnette, Michael D'Avella, Trevor English, John Frascotti, Mark Hollinger, Barry James,  Catherine Roozen, Terrance Royer, and Julie Shaw. Biographies of board members are available on this website, located under the heading Board of Directors.

A. Of the 12 Board members, Doug Murphy, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Heather Shaw, the Executive Chair of the Company and daughter of JR Shaw, Julie Shaw, Vice-Chair and a daughter of JR Shaw, Trevor English, an officer of Shaw Communications Inc., and Peter Bissonnette, a director and former President (until December 2015) of Shaw Communications Inc. are considered non-independent directors. There are 7 Board members whom are considered to be independent directors; Fernand Bélisle,  Michael D'Avella, John Frascotti, Mark Hollinger, Barry James, Catherine Roozen and Terrance Royer.

A. You may obtain a print copy of our Annual Report by contacting our corporate office in Toronto at 416.479.7000. An electronic version, as well as additional financial information, including our earnings reports and news releases, can be found under the headings Press Releases, Shareholders Reports and Annual Reports, in the Investor Relations section of this site, or on Canada Newswire at www.newswire.ca. Our public security filings are archived on SEDAR in Canada at www.sedar.com. Previous fiscal year audio archives of conference calls and our Annual General Meeting can be found under the heading Webcasts and Presentations in the Investor Relations section of this site. We are always updating our website to include extensive information and services for shareholders. We invite you to check back periodically for updated information.

A. Corus Entertainment’s fiscal year runs from September 1 to August 31. Earnings are reported in January, April, July and October. Please check our Events section for specific dates.

A. Yes. All employees of Corus Entertainment are governed by a Code of Conduct. View a copy of the Company’s Code.

A. View a complete list of analysts under Shareholder Information -- Analyst Coverage.