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Corus Entertainment Inc. RSS feeds enable you to read content from our website at your convenience. These RSS feeds are for our Press Release section where you can subscribe to select feeds, and receive each new Press Release by RSS.

Click on the appropriate button below to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Corporate Releases
Dividend Releases
Financial Releases
Quarterly Shareholder Reports
Radio division releases
Television division releases
ABC Spark
Channel 12 - Durham
CHEX Peterborough
CKWS Television
CMT (Canada)
Cosmopolitan Television
HBO Canada
Kids Can Press
Movie Central/Encore Avenue
Nickelodeon (Canada)
Sundance Channel (Canada)
W Network
W Movies
All Press Releases

*For press releases from our 39 radio stations, please go to each specific station's section on Also, for Telelatino, TELETOON, and TELETOON Retro press releases please go to their respective network websites.

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